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App Details:

  • Version 1.3
  • Created by The Curious Pixel Ltd.
  • Sold by The Curious Pixel Limited
  • Released on August 29, 2017
  • File Size: 15 MB
  • Price: Free!
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Photo & Video & Productivity


It's never been so easy to create natural, clean, smooth backdrops for your pro and amateur images. With just a few taps, Backdrop Creator lets you seamlessly extend your backdrop, clean up those pesky backdrop imperfections and erase unwanted clutter. And all while maintaining your shadows and lighting.

For the professional, this means a lot less time (and money) spent editing your photos: no more cutting around images, layering effects or painstakingly matching subtle changes in light and color. In fact, no more hunching over your workstation to get the result you want. Now you can do your editing in the field, create a quick preview as you shoot, or simply export a background plate to your favorite editor when you want a little more precision and control.

Backdrop Creator is also the perfect tool for anyone taking product shots for selling online. Just use your favorite camera app to shoot your object in front of a solid color (a sheet of paper will do), then use Backdrop Creator to make the rest of your room, office or warehouse disappear. No more busy backgrounds, just a clean, clear image and a product that shines.

Backdrop Creator features:

• Seamlessly blend up to 20 hues/colors in ANY direction throughout your image. Forget about linear or radial gradients. This is a multi-gradient multi-direction tool! Use it to match the light around your subject, or creatively as a way to blend colors in an image.

• Select from 4 different blend types to control how the hues/colors mix together.

• Intuitively create a mask around your subject in order to blend it with your new background.

• Select from 4 types of blends for your mask.

• Easily handle 50+ megapixel images.

• Preview your background or combined plates instantly using Open GL, taking full advantage of IOS's speed.

• Export the backdrop only and continue editing in your favorite editor or export a complete image.

• Runs on iPad and iPhone. We recommend using it on an iPad, but the iPhone version is just as capable!

• Use all the features and get web resolution exports for free, and unlock high resolution export with a one-off In-App Purchase.

Video Description:

Special thanks to Ian Cooper for the use of "Torso by Cynthia Foullon 1986" -

Release Notes:

Fixed crash when saving to camera roll on some devices.

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