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  • Version 1.0
  • Created & Sold by Rajesh Vasudeva
  • Released on July 28, 2018
  • File Size: 66 MB
  • Price: Free!
  • Age Rating: 12+
  • Categories: Health & Fitness & Medical


Prescriptions for treating ailments or achieving positive healthcare targets get uploaded in detail on the BeeHealthee App. Moreover prescriptions from all consultants can be seen together enabling coordinated care. Completed prescriptions get archived and can be reviewed. The prescriptions enable timely alerts. The prescriptions get converted into time-wise and day-wise routine for convenient implementation and for monitoring compliance. Easay to review; easay to download and share with different consultants.

Prescriptions get recorded in time-wise daily format for ease in compliance. A daily 'to-do for health' list gets created and displayed in records. Moreover completed events can get recorded, enabling monitoring of compliance. You can enter event-wise feedback all completed records get archived and can be reviwed. Find all this and more on BeeHealthee Records Organized, accessible, secure, Records.

Missed medicine doses or skipped fitness plans, keep us less healthy. Healthcare schedules must be followed very regularly. Stay Pro-active on your schedules with BeeHealthee alerts. Get alerted (if you want) for your family as well. You can enter and record completed schedules to monitor compliance.

BeeHealthee alerts = Better Compliance = Better Health.

Reports & Status:
Reports of all Investigations & Consultations, Current health status get uploaded on the app. These can be viewed as required, enabling timely and correct decisions. Positive healthcare plans and schedules can be made; ailment diagnoses is facilitated; monitoring of success in treatment of ailments and in assesing success of positive healthcare targets becomes conveniently possible. Avoidable repititions of Investigations is enabled.

Good health at all times: Good health for ever. To Never slacken on Good Health, Plan for the future; Never miss appointments with automated appointment scheduling and Appointment alerts on the Beehealthee app.

Feedback loops monitor effectiveness.

Monitoring compliance exposes lacunae in effort if any. The best plans can fail if they are not diligently acted upon. The BeeHealthee compliance module enables assessing gaps in compliance and motivates you to fill those gaps and achieve better healthcare.

Target Achievement:
Periodic review of success in achieving targets as set, is essential. The BeeHealthee 'achieved-targets assessment module' can make clear at all times the success or failure in achieving desired targets, whether in curing ailments or in achieving fitness.

Monitoring targets = Better treatment schedules = Better health results

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