Boss Cross

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Boss Cross
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App Details:

  • Version 1.0.1
  • Created & Sold by Jackson Perkins
  • Released on February 17, 2019
  • File Size: 9 MB
  • Price: Free!
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Games, Action, Arcade


Think you can make it?

Boss Cross is a simple and addicting tap game, gather points as the game speeds up more and more!

How to Play
- Tap the screen to cross to the other side
- Where you tap is how high or low the ball will go
- Collect white dots for one point, or gold dots for three

The higher your score, the faster the blocks will move. After exploding, you can spend a heart to keep going from where you left off!

Release Notes:

Now compatible with iOS 11!

iPhone Screenshots:

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