Commando Secret Duty Mission – Adventurous War

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Commando Secret Duty Mission - Adventurous War
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App Details:

  • Version 1.0
  • Created & Sold by Muhammmad Tayyab
  • Released on April 21, 2017
  • File Size: 222 MB
  • Price: $2.79
  • Age Rating: 12+
  • Categories: Games, Entertainment, Adventure, Action


Commando Secret Duty Mission is the most comprehensive combat commando game with abundant latest ammunition on an impossible journey. It is the top 3D fps game with kill shot bravo in combat arena and super sniper simulation. Enjoy the thrilling warzone, stay alert and take headshots with stealth shooting action in this swat commando secret mission sniper war. Perform ultra-shooting combat and elite sniper shooting techniques in modern warfare.
Enjoy modern warzone with warrior city sniper assassin in the most dangerous mission. Fulfill sniper assassin’s creed in this secret commando mission provided with abundant latest ammunition and best possible kill shots. Shoot to kill bloody enemy. Prove your gorilla commando skills in swat secret mission commando duty. Commando Secret Duty Mission is secret mission where you have to accomplish secret missions with unlimited shooting action like a army commando.
Player will have to be a silent killer in secret mission commando duty as counter attack of enemy is very strong. Slaughter enemy with knife and eliminate them from towers, building roofs and ground with sniper simulator. Take kill shots and head shots in mission secret as secret commando, it take enemy down in one shoot. Modern warzone with warrior city sniper in the most dangerous mission is here. Manage to provide the required secret information and take enemy down with kill shots in this secret agent elite mission, prove that you are frontline commando assassin with perfect gun shooting skills in commando mission secret.
Commando Secret Duty Mission is completely action packed game with easy guide and challenging missions. Take your position, set the aim, hold your breath and… shoot!! Take all the enemies down to go the next swat secret duty commando mission. This is most challenging action packed 3D top fps game with commando survival skills. Player is not a contract killer but a trained army commando assassin and true patriotic capable to complete secret and surviving missions for his country.
Test you aiming, shooting and intelligence skills with this solo fps game now and prove you are onslaught enemy killer. Fulfill your shooting and action games hunger now with this fps shooting and surviving game. Prove that you are army commando shooter which can handle such kind of situation. Easy guide and extremely challenging missions with sharp enemy artificial intelligence will really make you addict of this shooting game. Download Commando Secret Duty Mission now and enjoy!!!
How to play:
Tap on play button to start the game
Swipe on screen left side to move player
Swipe on the right side to set the aim
Touch the zoom button to have a close look on the enemy
Tap on fire button to fire
Key Features:
Extreme shooting action with real effects
Excellent artificial intelligence and real physics based game
Stunning graphics and outstanding sound effects
Take the enemy in a single shot with head first kill shot
Easy to understand, harder to master
Addictive, simple yet engaging game play

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