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dCS Network Bridge
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App Details:

  • Version 1.4.0
  • Created by dCS Ltd
  • Sold by Data Conversion Systems Ltd
  • Released on December 29, 2016
  • File Size: 13 MB
  • Price: Free!
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Utilities & Music


dCS Network Bridge app provides complete wireless control via iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch of the dCS Network Bridge.

Music Management and Playback

• Play Mode – control the volume, phase, mute and play queue
• Playlist Management – create, edit, store, delete, load playlists. Supports shuffle and repeat modes
• View Modes – supports both grid mode or list view of browsed content
• Text Search - allows you to enter text on screen using the onscreen keyboard and as displays album and artists as you type
• A to Z – allows user to jump to letter when browsing music collections

System Configuration

• Information – displays your unit status and performs automatic software updates
• Unit Settings – complete control over settings including Downsampling and Indexing Threshold
• Playback Controls – complete control of Phase and Channel Swap
• Online Service – Set-up your Tidal for use with Network Bridge

Note: The Network Bridge app is tested against MinimServer, Twonky and Asset UPnP servers. To learn more about dCS products, software history and recommended configurations please visit www.dcsltd.co.uk

Release Notes:


Expanded Playback Bar - Control your music at all times
•Playback controls now accessible from main application screens

Disable Pop Up Messages - Faster playlist editing
•Pop up messages can now be disabled
•Configure pop up messages within preferences

Bookmarking - One touch access to your music
•Browsed pages (including Tidal) can now be bookmarked, giving faster access to the music you love.
•Simply tap the bookmark icon (located in the top right corner) and the location is displayed as a favourite item on the home screen
•Bookmarks can be organised, renamed and deleted within preferences

Breadcrumbs - Quick access to previous locations
•Quickly return to previously navigated folders when browsing media
•Simply tap the breadcrumb icon (located in the top left corner)

Reconnection - Return to where you left for improved usability

•General stability and performance improvements
•Bug fixes

iPhone Screenshots:

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iPad Screenshots:

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