Dino Olympics: Jurassic Race

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Dino Olympics: Jurassic Race
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  • Version 1.6.0
  • Created & Sold by CHEESE HOLE GAMES S.L
  • Released on April 20, 2017
  • File Size: 123 MB
  • Price: Free!
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Games, Entertainment, Sports, Racing


Nobody knows exactly how did dinosaurs reappeared on Earth: May be because of the nuclear war or because of the pollution or the climate change but they are now here, just like in the Jurassic Age!
Nowadays the situation seems to be quite normalized. There are dinosaurs on TV shows, at the zoo or even in the circus! Some people even find it uninteresting!

A famous circus performance is taking place tonight. And they announced an amazing dinosaurs battle to attract more people. Do you want to come and see it? It will be like going back to the Jurassic Ages!

- Become a dinosaur running for your life! Remember: Dinosaurs like to battle to test their strength!
- Keep going avoiding every dinosaur battle you see in order to survive as long as possible
- Choose the difficulty levels of this survival race by selecting your favourite dinosaur and enjoy this Jurassic game!
- Improve your ranking in a worldwide competition in this dinosaur game
- Realistic scene with incredible graphics!
- Easy mobile control for all skill levels that will immerse you in this addictive game
- Appropriate for kids and adults who love dinosaurs battle games

Watch real dinosaurs battles in this game full of action! Are you going to miss the show?

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