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  • Released on January 17, 2018
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According to The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, a phrasal verb is a "verbal idiomatic word that consists of a verb and an adverb (for example, break down), or a verb and a preposition (for example, see to)". Starting from this assumption, we can consider phrasal only the verb which, in conjunction with an adverb or a preposition, changes the basic meaning becoming idiomatic and acquiring a new and different semantic valence.

L’app Dizionario d’uso dei Phrasal Verbs Hoepli di Fernando Picchi è una guida completa all’uso e alla comprensione dei verbi frasali inglesi. Per ciascun phrasal verb sono forniti i diversi traducenti italiani che ne riproducono fedelmente o estensivamente il significato, ulteriormente chiarito da una vasta gamma di esempi, volti a illustrarne anche l’uso.

The app Hoepli Phrasal Verbs Dictionary by Fernando Picchi is a comprehensive guide to using and understanding English phrasal verbs. For each phrasal verb, various Italian translations are provided, which faithfully or extensively reproduce the meaning, further clarified by a wide range of examples, which also illustrate the use.

Oltre all’indice, nel quale è possibile trovare automaticamente le voci in base ai caratteri digitati, l’app consente di cercare specifici verbi frasali. L’opzione Glossario consente di cercare i verbi italiani a cui corrisponde la traduzione attraverso un verbo frasale inglese, mentre l’opzione Tutto testo consente di cercare termini italiani e inglesi all’interno di tutte le voci del dizionario. Per restringere il campo di ricerca, l’opzione Categorie consente di selezionare specifici ambiti tematici (ad esempio, anatomia, botanica, politica, ecc.).

In addition to the index, where it is possible to automatically find the entries matching the characters you type, the app allows you to search for specific phrasal verbs. The Glossary option allows you to search for Italian verbs translated through an English phrasal verb, while the Full Text option allows you to search for Italian and English terms within all dictionary entries. To narrow the search scope, the Categories option lets you select specific categories (for example, anatomy, botany, policy, etc.).

Technical Data
• Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod using iOS 7 and later versions
• User interface in Italian and English
• 3150 English phrasal verbs
• Examples of use for each meaning

Main Features
• Complete offline use
• Index: displays in alphabetical order all the English phrasal verbs that match the characters you enter
• Search: allows to search the phrasal verbs, the Italian verbs with phrasal verbs translations (Glossary), and full text
• In Portrait mode, ability to scroll the definitions to the right to return to the list of entries or search results
• Ability to change the font size of the definitions

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