EEZY KEYZ® end-to-end email encryption

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EEZY KEYZ® email encryption
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App Details:

  • Version 0.30.6
  • Created by IPRA Technologies Ltd.
  • Sold by IPR Avenue Oy Ltd
  • Released on December 28, 2016
  • File Size: 20 MB
  • Price: Free!
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Category Productivity


World’s most powerful end-to-end email encryption software – works with any email! The EEZY KEYZ® mobile application works like any other email application. The only difference is that you can send and receive encrypted email to and from other EEZY KEYZ® users. EEZY KEYZ® is the world’s strongest end-to-end email encryption software. Our software combines uncompromising privacy and security with ease-of-use.

There is no need to open a new email account. Our software is compatible with all leading email service providers. EEZY KEYZ® end-to-end email encryption software automatically encrypts email and attachments between EEZY KEYZ® users with very strong, multi-key end-to-end encryption technology and keeps your email data protected.

- We don’t transfer or store your email.
- We don’t see your email account details.*
- We don’t see your password.*
- We don’t see your credit card details.
- No Backdoor – guarantee
- We are located in Finland.

* Because the EEZY KEYZ app is an email client, it requires an email address to be set up & configured (including your email password). Your email password is only used by the app on your device to connect to your email service; it is never transmitted to our servers or revealed to us.



Extremely easy to install and use. The encryption process is fully automatic. Use email like you always have, but without worrying about your privacy and security. Send and receive encrypted email to and from other EEZY KEYZ® users with a single click.

Use your current email account

No need to change your email service provider. EEZY KEYZ® is compatible with all leading email services.

No Backdoor guarantee

EEZY KEYZ® does not include any backdoors. The system ensures complete privacy. Encrypted messages can only be opened by the sender and the receiver.

Very strong session and identity based encryption

World’s strongest end-to-end email encryption. Unique (and patent pending) session and identity based symmetric and asymmetric multi-key encryption technology (3x256 AES and 1x3072 RSA). Mail body, attachments and metadata are each encrypted separately.

Zero-Knowledge encryption

Our number one priority is privacy – EEZY KEYZ® is a true end-to-end encryption solution. We do not transmit or store email, and never have access to your email. Your passphrase is never revealed to anybody (including us) either, so no one other than you has access to your private encryption key.

No general keys

There are no general keys to hack. Our software is a session and identity based encryption solution – new encryption keys are randomly generated each session by the autonomous encryption software on user’s device.

Invite friends

It is easy to invite friends to use EEZY KEYZ® so you can exchange encrypted email and keep your messages private!

Release Notes:

- Small bug fixes

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