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Stephanie Alejandro McMillan's family moved into the building on Castroville in 1974 from a location a few blocks over on Colima.
It was in this neighborhood section of the West Side that El Gallo Molino was born. At age 10, Steph sold tomatoes and avocados in front of the building; it was a task her father and Gallo's owner Eddie Alejandro Sr provided her as she wanted so badly to work in some way for the family business.
Jeremiah McMillan, a talented musician and food lover, has operated and worked with Cajun food, Greek food, and pizza. When he met Stephanie McMillan in 2008, it was a match made in heaven.
When they married in 2010, they worked together with Eddie Sr and both of their families to launch Gallo Pizzeria, a culinary immersion into the foods Stephanie grew up with at El Gallo and the delicious Italian and Greek dishes that the couple both love.
The mission at Gallo is to serve the highest quality food with the freshest, finest ingredients at the most affordable price.
The couple has also made it a priority to provide great food to both the Vegan and Gluten Free communities, and prizes its relationships with gluten free restaurants such as Powerhouse Bakery and Little Aussie Bakery & Cafe. Gallo has been featured in the Food Lovers' Guide to SA and's 2015 list of best pizzerias in Texas.

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