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  • Version 1.0
  • Created & Sold by Rajesh Somani
  • Released on October 6, 2018
  • File Size: 30 MB
  • Price: Free!
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Health & Fitness & Sports


Get your jump rope and download Jump Rope Counter + Calories . It now comes with Apple Health Synchronization function. It’s the best formula to be healthier and more fit! It can count total jumps and workout time, as well as calories burned. You can also setup sequences and get the most of your jump rope workouts. You don’t need a lot to make something amazing of your body! Just a rope, little space and this great app! It’s a great full body workout for all ages! Let’s burn those calories

Count the total time of the workouts or setup intervals. We know that many of the jump rope exercises require interval training, and it is all possible with our easy to use app. Setup the intervals in ease and start the workout. Get the needed support to get in top notch shape!

This jump rope counter will tell you the exact number of jumps you executed in one workout and the totally calories your burned. Combining its unique set of features you will be able to not only use it as jump rope counter, but also to stay in line with your diet, jump rope workout and exercise goals!

- jump rope counter
- timer for counting skipping ropes
- sequence timer
- calories counter
- calories tracker
- automatically saves your workouts & info
- free fitness app
- Apple Health Synchronization
Jump rope exercises are one of the easiest ways to get fit. They are great for staying healthy and can be done by anyone.
Start getting healthy today with a simple jump rope and this Jump Rope Counter and calories tracker.

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