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  • Version 1.0
  • Created & Sold by Nikola Petkovic
  • Released on February 13, 2018
  • File Size: 223 MB
  • Price: Free!
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Entertainment & Productivity


Korean Coloring Book for Adults introduces you to the best adult coloring pages app which contains vivid illustrations inspired by ancient Korean culture. Download one of the most detailed Korean coloring pages for adults and enjoy relaxing while coloring books for grown ups.


Coloring pages for adults have become a real elixir. These Korean coloring pages for adults are not just any regular coloring books. This inspiring Korean Coloring Book for Adults represents detailed coloring pages with some of the amazing features of Korean culture. Kick back and relax with the hottest trend in arts and crafts. Get one of the best coloring books for adults and use your imagination to provide the most beautiful scenes!


◆ Background music on/off
◆ Multiple color palettes
◆ My palette - create your own palette of colors
◆ Various shades and color nuances
◆ Variety of filters and textures to apply to your coloring page
◆ 30 adult coloring pages
◆ Share your art on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram
◆ My works: save your art in a private gallery
◆ Zoom in for detailed coloring inside Korean coloring pages for adults

Each drawing from this coloring book is carefully selected with special attention to the most important traditional symbols of Korea. Get this Korean Coloring Book for Adults and color Korean girls, Korean princess, Korean hanbok, yin and yang zentangle, traditional clothes, ornaments, koi carp, asian fans, traditional hanok, Korean masks and a lot more in the amazing Korean coloring books for grown ups!


Adult coloring books can help us combat stress and boost mental clarity. That is why some people call them stress relief coloring books or zen coloring pages. Coloring is a smart way to promote creative thinking and personality development. Working with your hands is one of the best ways to soothe anxiety, eliminate stress and calm the mind. Research has proven that calming coloring books for adults can be a cathartic escape from everyday things that cause stress.
Adult colouring books have so many uses and purposes that many are not aware of. They can be used for better focus, therapy, relaxation, to calm the mind, solve problems, and improve personal organizational skills. In other words, adult coloring books are a great way to achieve inner stillness. There are millions of people around the world to prove how relaxing coloring pages can be for an adult.

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