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  • Version 1.0.7
  • Created by Rastar Mobile
  • Released on August 4, 2018
  • File Size: 184 MB
  • Price: Free!
  • Age Rating: 12+
  • Categories: Games, Simulation, Strategy


Ready to fight for the future and build the new world - in Mobile Raid, with millions of players from around the globe!
You will play as a commander with over 100 heroes in the 27th century of a broken and cyberpunk world. To revitalize the human civilization and rule the world, you’ll recruit epic heroes, form unbeatable troops and team up with allies to knock down all the enemies! Commanders, show us how you defend, attack and conquer!

- Interact with on-line Streamers in Game Broadcast Channel. Any questions in game? Talk to real-time Game Streamers and get expert experience!
- Build fortress and sub-bases. Recruit Famous Heroes and train more powerful Mecha &Solider to raid your enemies into oblivion. All of these make you and your allies be the Supreme in the battlefield!
- Forge powerful unions to play and chat with global players in real time voice and text. All the wits of your allies and you combined with Tech&Scheme research ensure your survival and success in the multiplayer world.
- Immerse in the cyberpunk scenes with HD graphics. Over 100 heroes in the game assists you in fighting in the battlefield!

Download and PLAY FOR FREE the 2018 hit strategy MMO Mobile Raid to dominate the future world!

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Release Notes:

New Features:
1. Battle Experience Optimization
1) Added percentage quick select for transportation team.
2) When there are multiple players in a rally, the battle Msg will divide into Rally Msg and Personal Msg.
3) Adjusted the animation of transport troop.
4) Adjusted the power of each unit.
5) The lineup function in ‘Camp’ now will show the total bonus.
2. Union System Optimization
1) Added guides for union to take over cities.
2) Added bulk donation for donating Union Tech.
3) Added quick claim for union schemes.
4) Added city trades leaderboard in Union Member’s column.
5) Added guides for players who first first enter the union.
6) Optimized the display effect of Union Flag.
3. UI / Functions Optimization
1) Added one-click speedup function to each speedup timer.
2) Moved ‘Game Notice’ to ‘More’ in the main interface.
3) Added Hero showcase redirection in daily Hire Mega Pack.
4) Changed the display of reset time into countdown.
5) Added ‘View the Hero’ to check the hero statues when hero is not in idle.
6) Increased the rewards for reviewing Mobile Raid in app store.
7) Added new features to Spy Institution, unlock [Scout] Get information on the enemy protection remaining time at lv.11, unlock [Scout] Refuge remaining time at lv.13.
8) Space beacon now can affect sub-base and fortress which are under construction.
9) You can save the lineup when transporting/mining/supplying.
10) Now the outland will automatically show land’s level if you click ‘show land’ once.
11) When equip skill for Hero/Gear, you will need to check an addition confirmation box.
12) Added a reminder when decomposing the skill shards.
13) Added a reminder to when received Enlist Order.
14) Added a guide in training camp when you unlocked a new unit.
15) Added a new information tab when being scouted or spied by others.
16) Increased the limit of rapport to heroes being captured.
17) Now you can find lv.6 - lv.8 mutants around lv.2 resources zone.
4. Events Adjustment
1) System now will remind you when you are exchanging hero with over 80 hero shards.
2) Pack Mall will notice the future packs within 2 days.
3) Added a new side quest ‘Send gifts to streamer’ to the Daily Quest.
4) Updated the rules for Unique Warrior. Players with higher power will have higher rank when they have the same event points.

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