OffRoad Extreme Uphill Cargo Truck

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OffRoad Extreme Uphill Cargo Truck
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App Details:

  • Version 1.0
  • Created & Sold by The Game Storm Studios (Pvt) Ltd
  • Released on May 16, 2017
  • File Size: 110 MB
  • Price: Free!
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Games, Racing, Travel, Simulation


Be the king of offroad Truck driving in this brand new super amazing Off Road Extreme Cargo driving in winters. Your driving skills are going to be heavily tested in uphill multi truck driving adventure, so be prepared to get your hands on the offroad truck simulator game. Off Road Truck driving isn’t easy especially in the hilly city where the snowfall makes your driving duty even difficult as your drive multi trucks. The environment is really cold, off road track is dangerous and you are assigned multi tasks that are all challenging. Remember nothing is impossible so be brave and get ready to drive heavy cargo trucker in this snowy winter on the twisted and curvy dangerous off road paths of the hill city.

There are multi tasks that you need to perform as a heavy Truck Driver in this uphill driving Simulator. You will be given Car trailer for which you need to load cars on it first and then drive the loaded trucker to the final destination. As a Cargo Truck Driver you need to transport cargo, luggage and boxes safely and undamaged on offroad. Other transportation tasks include oil tanker transport and multi truck. Reach your destination to complete each level and prove yourself as a real gigantic oil tanker driver in Extreme Cargo Truck Simulator game. This Extreme truck simulation will drive you crazy and you will enjoy the multiple tasks in winter off road drive for sure. The major driving includes multi truck driving. Deliver fuel and oil to gas stations. Cargo deliveries are also pending so be quick. You will also get your hands on the sports cars for an ultimate drive. Load them over your multi truck and let’s transport.

Be the best off road uphill driver in extreme winters on curvy and twisted hill city paths. Drive around safely and carefully else you will fell down in the river. Drive off road Trailer and carry fuel and oil to the desired destination. Drive cars carefully and load them on the mega Truck then transport this heavy truck loaded with cars to the final destination. This is not all, there is a Cargo Truck as well. For that you will transport cargo, heavy boxes and luggage to the final point. So are you ready to play your role as Car Transporter, Cargo Truck Driver and Fuel and Oil Tanker Carrier?

Explore the hill and mountains in snowy winter season and enjoy your duty as a real Truck Driver of year 2017.

Game Features:
- Realistic Off Road Truck Driving Experience!
- Superb Snowy Uphill Environment!
- Amazing 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!
- Multiple Challenging Truck Driving and Transporting Tasks!
- Extreme Truck Driving Experience with Realistic Controls!

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