Offroad Jeep Car Adventure Drive Pro

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Offroad Jeep Car Adventure Drive Pro
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  • Version 1.0
  • Created & Sold by moddassar habib
  • Released on May 15, 2017
  • File Size: 92 MB
  • Price: $2.79
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Games, Entertainment, Racing, Simulation


Driving Offroad Prado simulator in mountains and hills on small and dangerous roads is really an amazing experience. Luxury classic suv 4x4 Prado has been provided to drive. Like other cars, land cruiser, Prado, army truck offroad driving 2017 games you have to drive this mountain Prado truck. Drive army truck and become offroad mountains driving legend. Drifting the Prado in mountains will really amuse you. Use Pressure brakes to stop the Prado at the spot to avoid accident.

Prado simulator will provide you the real time experience of driving crazy Prado simulator in mountains and hilly areas. If you want to have a picnic party in mountains in snowy and rainy environment then Prado simulation 2017 will suit best to you and will amuse you a lot. Crossing hurdles and driving in dangerous and adventurous tracks is very difficult. But don’t worry smooth and realistic controls have been provided to control luxury Prado simulator 2017 in ups and downs in mountains.

Driving Prado at the top of mountains and hills can be very risky, your little mistake can cause of falling from the top of mountains into the base. So survive yourself and drive carefully in dangerous mountains, hills, rocks, waterfalls and river areas to compete the challenges and cross hurdles and to become expert mountains Prado land cruiser driver in real life. Drive Prado carefully on deadly tracks and avoid accident it may lead you to death.

Multiple different challenging levels missions with increasing the number of check points, adventure, danger, risk, curves and slopes of the path have been developed to chill, amuse and make you expert Prado simulator driver of the year 2017.
Offroad Prado is very simple and easy to play. Smooth realistic controls are provided that make it easy to drive. Follow the arrow above your Prado and check the points to complete all the missions successfully.

How to Play Offroad Prado Drive Simulator 2017?

- Select level and click start button on the Home screen
- Use race button to move forward
- Use Brake button to stop the Prado at the spot
- Hold Brake button to move it reverse or backward
- Use left right buttons to turn Prado left or right
- Drive carefully on sharp turns and at the top hills
- Avoid accidents
- Avoid hitting the Prado with trees
- Follow the offroad track and check the points
- Complete all the levels to become expert mountain Prado driver
- Challenge to your friends

Offroad Prado Driving Simulator Features:

- A new brand Offroad Prado truck simulator 2017 model
- Smooth and realistic controls you will never seen before
- 3D natural and realistic mountains offroad environment
- Real Prado racing and brake sounds
- 10 different challenging levels to compete
- Multiple check points in each level
- Fully risky and adventurous driving on dangerous steep paths
- You will really enjoy this endless driving Prado rush
- Drifting in mountains on steep paths will really amuse you

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