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Graffiti &  Drawing -Rakugaky-
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App Details:

  • Version 1.0.5
  • Created & Sold by Youhei Kijima
  • Released on September 2, 2017
  • File Size: 30 MB
  • Price: Free!
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Entertainment & Photo & Video


Rakugaky is a free graffiti application that you can enjoy graffiti processing on photos. Since you can choose up to six stages of color of 50 colors and the thickness of pen line, you can enjoy graffiti in pre-claque style in the picture.

If you select the picture you want to do graffiti, graffiti will start at once.
Since there is also a camera shooting function, it is also possible to scribble on photographed pictures.

You can save images scribbled in a photo to an album, share it with friends via SNS or email attachment.
There is also an "Undo" function to erase the drawn scribbles, "eraser" function, erase the line drawn before.
Pinch in, you can enlarge / reduce the part you want to do graffiti with pinch out.

There is also a function to filter on photos to be scribbled.
You can easily perform photo processing simply by selecting from filters such as sepia and grayscale.

■ Function
- 50 colors
- Pen thickness 6 steps
- Loading photos from the camera roll of the device
- Start up the camera · Load photos taken
- Save the created graffiti image in the camera roll of the terminal
- Undo function (erase graffiti drawn before)
- Eraser function to erase graffiti
- Function to zoom in and out of scribbles
- Features that can filter on segregated photos such as sepia
- Twitter share function

■ Type of photo processing filter
- color reversal
- false color
- Color emphasis
- Tone curve
- Hue adjustment
- Gaussian blur

Operation method
1. Select the picture you want to do graffiti or shoot with camera
2. Scribble with color pen
3. Save pictures scribbled in iPhone · iPad's album

■ Recommended for such people!
- I want to scribble on photographs
- Wish to share pictures of children with parents, friends, family
- I want to make the photo colorful, I want to decorate
- I want to put a word in a photo
- I want to process photographs

If you have any additional requests for new features or if you would like us to do more here, please mention in the review or contact support, it is nice!

Release Notes:

Thank you for using Rakugaky all the time.
If it is Rakugaky, you can easily create scribbled photos.
Since you can put characters with a color pen like a pre-cra,
Please try processing various photos by all means.

【Rakugaky version 1.0.5 Changes】
● A bug analysis tool was introduced.
● Supported Spotlight search.

【Other recently updated functions】

● The thickness of the wire of the color pen has been increased from 5 stages to 6 stages.
    Since I added a thin pen, I can also do graffiti on small parts.

● Added the ability to share Twitter.
    You can share the processed photos from the save button on the toolbar on the graffiti screen.

- Fixed a problem that the picture shifts when returning after going to the filter screen etc on the graffiti screen.

● The author's list of applications has been renewed.
You can see it from the button on the far right of the toolbar of the graffiti screen.
There are also applications that can create 2x speed video and applications that can easily create graphs,
I am glad if you can see it.

If you have additional requirement of function or problem report etc., we are glad if you can contact us from review and support.
Also nice! I thought it would be great if you would highly appreciate it!
Thank you Rakugaky in the future.

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