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  • Version 6.0.0
  • Created & Sold by Pierre Maes
  • Released on July 1, 2018
  • File Size: 79 MB
  • Price: Free!
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Education & Utilities


When learning Thai coming from a western language, one of the first difficulty are the tones. Thai is a tonal language and it has 5 tones which are "Mid", "Low", "Falling", "High" and "Rising".

If you are in restaurant and order for rice ( ข้าว - khaao falling tone) but instead say White (ขาว - Khaao rising tone) or News (ข่าว - Khaao Low tone), you might not be understood.

That's why, at the beginning of your learning process of Thai language, it's important to do an effort on saying words correctly.

What a better way than learning to read Thai which give you all that information already! The rules are overwhelming at the beginning and that's where this app helps you by using colour to build an easy way to learn, remember, and practice your Thai reading skill perfectly.

The app could be used by kid without any problems as we use comprehensive image and no offensive text.

--How does it work?

If you don't know anything about Thai consonant or vowel, don't be afraid, it's really not that hard (at least it's much easier than speaking ;))! The app provides you a grid with all the consonant/vowel and their transcription in English with an example word that you can listen to. (Look at the consonant shape, the transcription in English, then listen to the word multiple time and by practicing that several times you will be able to memorize it). There is a help section on the top navigation of all the screens of the app which give you learning tips.

The main part of the app will let you search sentences (over 350 useful sentences right now) using a text search or categories.

Being able to read, write and speak Thai in Thailand will give you a considerable advantage in many situation and it will be really appreciated by locals.

-- Features

- Over 350 useful sentences coloured, with spaces.
- The complete set of Thai alphabet with consonant and vowels.
- Easy and clear way to display a set of sentences based on word search / category / tone or sources (Books)
- Sound feature: Play a word, play the whole sentence by a simple click.
- Sound feature: AutoPlay a whole deck of sentences.
- Sound feature: Loop over and over the same sentence.
- You can select between 7 Thai fonts
- You reached the next level? Remove the space between words.
- Is it speaking too fast? Change the speed rate of the voice.
- Each sentence has his translation in English.
- Favourite sentences to practice them in one batch.
- History to access easily what you've already searched
- Copy the sentence / word by doing a long press on it then paste it on a chat or somewhere else.
- Offline mode supported
- Landscape mode supported
- Tablet mode supported

--What's next?

- More and more useful sentence (update every day)
- Account creation and synchronize your favourite list with multiple devices.
- Discussion feed under each sentence to give your opinion.
- Create your own deck of sentences.
- Space-repetition algorithm to help you remember better.
- …

We are listening to your feedback, so don't hesitate to rate us or contact us via Facebook : or email

Release Notes:

= New mode
Daily Sentence: Learn Thai everyday !!!

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