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  • Version 1.3.2
  • Released on March 14, 2018
  • File Size: 27 MB
  • Price: Free!
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Lifestyle & Utilities


In 20 March 2018, Wizz Scash successfully launched an International Strategic Agreement Product Seminar. In 18 May 2018, Scash successfully sign off an agreement with Alipay to become the first ISV in ASEAN.
And Now! With Wizz Scash!
Merchants can implement mobile payment (Alipay)in three easy steps.
Step 1 - Download from AppStore [WIZZ-SCash] and PlayStore [Wizz Scash].
Step 2 - Submit merchant’s information according to cross-border payment KYC process for the bank’s approval
Step 3 - Set up mobile store by uploading products information, prices, inventory etc.
Upon KYC approval, we are ready to use Wizz Scash!
Business is as usual for the Merchant while Wizz Scash takes care of the complex technology and administration procedures.
Customers use mobile phones to scan code and pay in their own domestic currency. Direct settlement of funds to merchant’s bank account.
After offline payment, customers can continue to purchase through online shop.
Wizz Scash does not handle the funds, it is safe and reliable!
Information is secured in the bank and we guarantee that information is not leaked!
The mission of Wizz Scash – Beyond Transaction, we are committed to transform and expand the SME business through the most basic payment link. Merchant creates mobile store through Wizz Scash on computer or mobile phones, including business district, coupons, sharing, activities, promotions, snapping, games and other information to add a release. Combined with the online membership accumulation, booking reservations, order orders, financial payments and other integrated enterprise management services.
Wizz Scash – Together we Wizz to win the future, welcome all to join us!

Release Notes:

What's New:
- Improvement on Alipay Application
- Activation of Chain Store option for Alipay, contact Scash Wizz office for further enquires
- Bug fix updated

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