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App Details:

  • Version 1.3.72
  • Created & Sold by Zuvolo Ltd
  • Released on July 28, 2018
  • File Size: 95 MB
  • Price: Free!
  • Age Rating: 17+
  • Categories: Navigation & Social Networking


ZUVOLO is the first app to finally bring Location Sharing and Social Networking together to deliver a fun experience for all your friends, family and work colleagues. We are continually working on bringing you more new and improved features that will make your life easier, with all the control and privacy that you need.

When can I use ZUVOLO?

For sports e.g. Cycling and hiking
The app has been extensively tested with groups of cyclists. Whether you are a weekend warrior meeting your friends and heading for your favourite coffee stop, or on a big weekend sportive, or touring in another country, ZUVOLO has been tested in the mountains and on the flats, between cities and towns, and it works perfectly. It will work equally well with any sporting activity!

Friends & Family
Driving in your car, taking the train, hopping on the bus, or walking into town, with real-time Location Sharing all your friends and family will know exactly where you are and where and when to meet.

Work & Business
Set a meeting location and show your work colleagues that you are on your way. If you’re stuck in traffic, delayed by public transport, or making good time, everyone will be kept up to date and know when to expect you.

Missed Anything?
Probably! Use ZUVOLO at festivals to see where your friends are, or to find your tent. Use ZUVOLO for letting friends and family know that you’re safe and well. Use ZUVOLO for any activity you like.

What is in ZUVOLO?

Find your friends and connect
Online friends will appear in your Live List
See whether friends are moving, paused, in a temporary blackspot, or if they are in need of help

Press & Hold on the map to add a marker
Place any point of interest on the map with a marker pin
Add your meeting location, favourite restaurant, coffee shop, museum, or landmark
At the moment you have six marker types to choose from – more coming soon
All markers are temporary and will last either a day, week or month before they disappear
Your friends will automatically see the markers that you add to your map
Manage your markers either by tapping on them on the map or by going to the Markers page

Select the big Z button to start an activity. You will now appear on the map and your friends will be able to see you.
Tap the Help button if you want to let your friends know that you need some assistance
If you are in a blackspot, your ZUVOLO button will tell you that you currently have no signal – as soon as you leave the blackspot you’ll start transmitting your location again.
Select the Stop button to finish your activity and you automatically drop off the map

Live Map
Only your friends and family that are online will be able to see that you’re on the map when you have started an activity
Friends of friends will appear anonymously so you know that other Zuvolons are out there
See your friend’s markers
Choose between a satellite map or street map view
See real-time traffic information
See directional arrows showing which way your friends are heading
Tap on your friends to display more information about their speed and distance from your current location
If your friends are in a blackspot their icon will turn grey but when they come out of the blackspot their icon will switch back to normal

Use the feedback button in the app to share your thoughts. We want to make this app work for you. Don’t hold back – give it to us straight.

Side Note
Like any real time Location Sharing app, continued use of the app will use up battery power. Older phones have less battery capacity than newer phones. Running the app with the screen off and the device locked can save battery power. We have worked hard to ensure that the app makes the best use of battery power. Newer iPhones will of course last longer than older phones with older batteries. We have managed to run the app successfully for almost a full day – probably more than most people would tend to use it for.

Release Notes:

We've been hard at work on a bunch of new features:
1. We have redesigned the 'Settings' screen to make it easier to navigate.
2. There is now a 'Privacy' area in settings that allows you to place a privacy zone around your home. When you enter your privacy zone, your friends will see you go grey on the map and will not receive any updates whilst you are inside your privacy zone. If you start an activity inside your privacy zone your friends will not see you until you exit your zone.
3. We have added the 'New 7 Wonders of the World' markers to the map, things like the Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu and the Colosseum
4. We have made some tweaks to the design such as adding text on the navigation bar, adding a background to the status bar so it's easier to read and more.
5. We have added some new Intro screens when you first download the app to help new users get up and running.
6. Plenty of bug fixes including a significant bug fix which would crash the app is if you had your device clock set to the 12 hour format.

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