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App Details:

  • Version 1.3.99
  • Created & Sold by Zuvolo Ltd
  • Released on July 28, 2018
  • File Size: 103 MB
  • Price: Free!
  • Age Rating: 17+
  • Categories: Lifestyle & Travel


With a beautifully polished interface, Zuvolo Friends is perfect for day to day use, for any activity and between any number of friends.

You will have total control over who, when, and how long your friends will see you for.

Place ‘Markers’ to use for meeting points, favorite locations, important places, or for leaving messages at a particular location. Users can share markers for up to a month.

Key Features of Zuvolo Friends:
• Create a privacy zone, where you will never appear on the map
• Share your location in real-time with who you want
• Tap-and-hold to create Markers as meeting points and places of interest
• Stop sharing your location when you’re done

Live Map
• Only friends with permission will see you on their map
• Share your location in near real-time e.g. every 10s
• Watch your friends moving on the map every few seconds
• Your friends markers will appear on your map
• Choose between a satellite or street view
• See real-time traffic information
• Directional arrows show which way your friends are heading
• Tap on your friend’s icon to display information about speed and distance
• Map icons will go grey if friends are in network blackspots

• Press & Hold on the map to add a marker
• Create a marker for any point of interest
• Add your meeting point, favourite restaurant, coffee shop, or any other important location
• Choose from six marker types
• Set a duration for your marker
• Delete or add markers whenever you want
• New markers will automatically be shared with friends
• Easily manage your markers by tapping on them or by going to the Markers page

• Choose which friends will see your location before you start sharing
• Start sharing your location when you decide
• Stop sharing your location at any time
• Create a Privacy Zone around a special location, where you will never appear on the map. E.g. your home

• Find and easily connect with existing Zuvolo friends
• Send an email invite to friends that are not yet using Zuvolo
• View your Live List to see friends that are currently sharing their location

• Use the feedback button in the app to share your thoughts. We want to make this app work for you. Don’t hold back – give it to us straight!

Side Note
Like any location sharing app, continued use of the app will use up battery power. New devices will offer the best battery performance. We have managed to run the app successfully for almost a full day on an iPhone X – probably more than most people would tend to use it for.
Tips for saving battery:
• Don’t always keep the screen on. The screen display being on unnecessarily will waste battery
• Keep the device locked and run the app in the background.

Release Notes:

• You now have full control over who can see you on the map. Before you start any activity you have the choice to decide who can see you on the map
• Who you choose will be saved to the “Recents” list for next time, or you’ll be able to choose a new set of friends to see you on the map
• From the map, you can select a button to show you which friends you have given permission to
• The Settings page is now accessible from everywhere in the app
• The Privacy Zone page has been update to make it easier than ever to set, edit or delete your privacy zone

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