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Self Harm Tracker with activities to calm self-harm.
You can keep a daily record of your emotions and worries. Also see statistics that allow you to identify which were the most recurring emotions and concerns that you were experiencing.

It provides activities to help you resist the urge to self-harm.
Start by setting your password to be completely private.

Some utilities that the app offers you:
- Sober Counter
- Quit Vaping
- Days since no vape,
- Sober tracker
- Self Harm Tracker
- Mood tracker
- Day counter

It has breathing activities to calm down, you can listen to Tibetan bowls, play musical instruments, draw and other activities to calm the urge.

Calm Urges: Self Harm Tracker allows you tu keep a record of your mood over the time and identify your feelings and concerns.

You will have a daily motivational message based on your latest emotions and concerns.

If you have some sobriety issues, you want to quit vaping or want to lift your mood, this app is for you.
The app provides you wit a day counter to keep track of how much time you are clean.

The counter could be used as a sober counter, a day counter, a self harm counter, a vape counter or any other addiction / bad habit you want to quit. This counter tells you days since you have been keeping yourself clean.
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