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GPS Speedometer and Odometer app to measure car speed and bike speed. It is the best GPS speedometer app for car, bike, and other vehicles.
How this car speedometer app is different from other speedo apps.

1. In this GPS speed meter app, you can log every single detail of your trip which can be displayed as evidence at the request of the police.

2. This car speedometer works offline. Likewise, the bike speedometer takes less than 20 seconds to connect to the satellites.

3. The speed accuracy is about 99% making it the most accurate GPS Speedometer.

4. The digital speedometer displays current speed, average speed and the top speed. Similarly, the digital odometer displays trip distance and the total odometer reading.

5. Using the HUD speedometer app, you can view the speed on your car windshield in both portrait and landscape layout.

6. You can fully customize the display and see what you care about the most in the mileage tracking app.

7. In the GPS meter app, you can also measure train speed with the train live speed meter.

8. This GPS speed app has a speedometer with alarm which comes into play when you overspeed. You can also set the speed limits.

9. The distance tracker app helps you measure distance in the background, for example when using the Drive with maps option.

10. In this speed meter app, you can change the speed units. There are currently three speed units in the app, mph(miles per hour), kmph (kilometers per hour) and mps (meter per second). Use the distance measure to measure the distance and find out the start and end location of a trip.

11. In the GPS distance measurement app, you can also measure idle and moving time.

12. The speed tracker shows the weather at the current location. The distance tracker shows the location with postal code.

13. The GPS trip meter app offers 1-tap Save and Exit unlike other apps.

14. The car speedometer app has 12/24 hour with DD/MM and MM/DD format.

15. The bus speedometer also gives you a reminder to turn off the GPS when you close the app . With the bike tracker you can start the ride either automatically or manually.

16. This GPS speed app lets you see the animated route on the maps triggering the speed tracking. The GPS odometer app’s odometer can be edited manually.

18. In this GPS tracker app, you can view the theoretical distance between two locations.

19. Even with no Barometer on your phone, you can find the Latitude, Longitude and Altitude.

20. You can backup your trips to an external storage in the bike computer app.

21. The background window in the bike computer is fully customizable.

22. The speed limits can be enabled/disabled in just one click in the speed gauge.

23. In the truck speedometer app, all your driving stats are stored in one place which also shows the top speed of all time.

24. In the speed app, you can earn free points to get rid of all the ads for free, so this is a free speedometer app with premium features.

What if I want to measure my speed or my running speed or do a distance measurement? Just long press the app icon and use the "Start now" feature in the speed box app. Users using Garmin to measure speed switched to this mileage tracker app. Use this GPS speedometer app as an odometer for walking, jogging and running. You can speed test cars or speed test bikes and stop getting speeding tickets. Use it as it gives you a cyclemeter.

You can now take a car speed test, a bike speed test or a cycle, your running speed, jogging speed or even walking speed. You can measure car distance. It becomes a Pedometer when walking making it the best speedometer app. The speed meter is helpful for those who have a broken speedometer or broken odometer in their car, or any vehicle.
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