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Remote D&D Role playing game (RPG) die roller app for one or more players. The DM and each player can view rolls of the other players in real-time over the Internet on their mobile devices. Also great as a stand-alone, feature rich die-roller! Choose from a variety of themes.
The DM can manage combat initiative. Add and remove monsters. Roll and get combat initiative order for all players and monsters instantly and have it broadcast to each player. The DM can then advance turns. When it is a player's turn, the player can be alerted on their device. During combat, the DM can keep track of monster and player status, like, 'stunned', 'restrained', etc.


- NEW: Themes (Forest, Mithril, Dark, Light, Scroll)
- Create or join a 'table' to roll with other players
- Save multiple character profiles
- Default dice d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d100
- Custom dice, e.g. 2 sided (coin)
- Modify dice rolls +/-
- Automatic advantage & disadvantage rolling
- Label & save rolls, 'sword attack'
- Built-in shared initiative tracker
- Player turn notification
- Encounter manager
- Color themes (NEW)
- History
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