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Hex Polis is stylizated turn-based strategy game. Start civilization wars and build powerful medieval kingdom! Defeat foe with crusaders, knights and other unique warriors in medieval times. This civ game is about controlling the polis on hex map, exploring unknown lands, fighting other tribes and discovering technologies. Are you ready to test your tactical skills and rise humankind ?
Each turn is full of adventure. You move on hex map and explore new hexes with warriors. Every warrior has special abilites which help you to conquer rival stronghold. There are stylized heroes: archers, sailors, dragons, crusaders and many more! Technology progress is the important part of your tactics. You can choose your focus - are you better farmer or warrior? Farms, mines and markets bring more coins to your production. More coins you have more actions you can do in each turn.

Hex Polis features:

▶ Turn-based strategy game and medieval game
▶ Humankind and dorfromatik like
▶ 4x strategy game - explore, expand, exploit and exterminate
▶ Master technologies, explore hex map, wage war and build civilization of humankind
▶ Train your warriors and win battles against other outlanders
▶ Two game modes - normal and hard
▶ Stylized in amazing low poly graphic
▶ Civilization game & building civilization
▶ Colonize world of politopia
▶ Middle age atmosphere of civilization wars

Hex Polis is tactics game full of fighting, conquering and technology development. Expand from small village to powerful polis! All world in box.

Explore medieval fantasy world with many challanges ahead. Prove your 4x tactics and make your civ stronger. It's your turn in civilization wars!

Created by Noxgames 2022
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