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Beginners can go online to get VIP5 + millions of Ingots.
First recharge grants rebate ingot x5. Go get SSR Pet Monkey King + Tier 1 Level-up Pill
Obtain Orange Spouse seven days into New Server and get massive Ingots, Pets and Artifacts for free!

[Eliminate the Devils]
After the Battle of the Three Realms, devils managed to flee. Evilness and desires started to degrade kindness. The Great Scripture Returners, upon orders of Buddha went through all troubles to restore the world. Classic turn-based gameplay offers Treasure Hunt, Tower Raid, Escort and demon grinding. Relive the classic and rewrite the journey to the west!

[Cultivate Pets for Better Performance ]
Monkey King, Heavenly King Li, Ox King, Zhong Kui and other classic characters are there to boost strength! A hundred Divine Generals from Human, Immortal and Demon Factions can enlarge your collection. Free matchup of Psychic Beast Soul makes the strongest exclusive lineup! Awaken pets and boost stats to deal explosive damage! Use Divine Generals to make a name of yourself!

[Meridians, Arrays, Pills and Trinkets]
Aura exists between heaven and earth. Go Cultivate Meridians, activate arrays, refine pills and forge trinkets to boost stats and strength, so you can become the world's best!

[Xuannu and Soul Kid; Divine Gear and Infusion]
Summon the strongest Xuannu. Her double active skills and strong combos enable you to clear stages easily! Light Nirvana Fate, cultivate Soul Kids and build Home! Awaken Ultimate Red Divine Gears, infuse Divine Gears with Resonance and quick enhance rare combat stats to dominate opponents!

[Awesome Costumes and Cool Mounts]
Featuring awesome wings and dynamic appearances, a hundred dress-ups are there for you to choose from. Adorable Spouses, unique mounts, massive costumes, all will make you a special player! Ride Auspicious Lion and adventure into the world. Slick skill effects are dazzling. Wonderful stories are intriguing!

[Guilds and Friends]
Create guilds, recruit heroes and exchange for advanced rare materials to build homeland. Join real-time guild wars to make friends and join hands to ascend to the top. Close friends and good neighbors will be there for you! You are not alone!

[Easy Operations]
Battles are automated, requiring no manual operations. And there are no arduous quests! Daily Quests, Loop Quests and Treasure Hunts are just one tap away. Embattle your best heroes and hit Autoplay. Just that simple!

[Awesome Benefits for Login]
Get massive Ingots and choose any Spouse, Xuannu and Orange Gear as long as you log in to the new server. And Monkey King is totally for free, a guarantee of boosted strength! Skill Book IV and Ultimate Stat Pills are claimable upon a fixed amount of Total Activeness! It just couldn't be any better!

[Idle Odyssey to the West] is so much fun and has surprises in store for you! Come and download!
[Reminder] Please recharge through in-game channels and do not try any unauthorized channels! Beware of frauds!
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