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Idle Transmutation Alchemy Lab App

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You are the alchemist: medieval mad scientist! All what you have at the start in your lab is little Air, but the power of alchemia enables you to create everything from it.

First you discover, how to get other elements: Water, Slime, Earth, Rock, Fire and so on!

As you alchemy laboratory grows, you can spend elements to upgrade the transmutation power or to create a whole world of you own. Once created, the world will start its own evolution and will help you boost your laboratory. First ground and ocean will be created, then mountains, clouds and icebergs, and finally the evolution of life will start: plants, fish, monsters and dinosaurs. And this little planet will be on a shelf on your lab

The game is a fusion of alchemy lab, linear discovery of elements, and world builder, where quests are performed and new entities and combinations are unlocked. Basic incremental game cycle is converting one element from another and then watching it converting back at a higher rate via a set of tubes for flow. In a chain of 3 elements: A, B and C, you can spend element C to upgrade the conversion of element A to B, and you can spend element B to upgrade the conversion of the element B to A. Also the capacity of all the alchemy tanks can be upgraded by spending the discovered element. Thus, instead of the money currency, every element is a currency in this idle alchemy game.

This incremental idle alchemy tycoon game contains:
- 19 various and often unexpected elements which convert into each other and make fun combinations as an alchemy fusion
- 29 planet quests: from atmosphere to dinosaurs
- nice animations of elements transmutations and world creation
- weekly rewards (check our idle games community for details)
- integrated tutorial which teaches you to become an ultimate alchemy tycoon
And provides hours and days of fun in the mad science and alchemy setting!

Start you own idle alchemy adventure and solve the puzzles which nature beholds. Create little world and evolve monsters in your alchemia lab. Experience various atom combinations and create ethereal dimensions. Every time you enter you enter alchemy lab you'll discover fantasy elements where only your imaginations is the limit

The game is free and does not require internet connection to play. You can play offline and receive idle rewards when you are returning to your alchemy lab. Watching ads is not required from the player to succeed and unlock all the alchemy elements.
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  • Category: Games
  • Platform: Android
  • Developer: Airapport
  • Visits: 0
  • License: Free
  • Last Update: August 16, 2022
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