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NAOL™ EMI-Loan Calculator - Powerful yet simple EMI/Loan/Mortgage planning, calculation, analysis, tracking and management app for Android!
With NAOL™ EMI-Loan Calculator you can evaluate EMI, Reverse calculate to determine amount, interest rate, tenure from EMI, Simplify your complex loan calculations involving Interest variations, pre-payments, interest saver, moratorium period to visualize your loan through interactive charts, amortization schedules and generate detailed reports.

App is easy to use, convenient and user-friendly with built in quick info for financial terms. Can be used by all individuals even with limited financial knowhow seeking to analyze loans and its also suitable for financial advisors, planners, academicians, students, etc

Quick Calculators

★ EMI Calculator - Calculate EMI using amount, interest rate and term
★ Amount Calculator - Reverse Calculate Loan amount using EMI, interest rate and term
★ Interest Rate Calculator - Reverse Calculate rate using EMI, amount and term
★ Tenure Calculator - Reverse Calculate loan tenure using EMI, amount and rate

☆ Evaluate Interest amount and Total amount paid
☆ Yearly, Monthly Amortization schedules and charts
☆ Save loan profiles
☆ Generate pdf, excel reports, share results

Pro Loan Calculator

Optional factors considered:
☆ Interest rate Variations: Input rate interest variations if any with respective time period.
☆ Early Repayments: Input early repayments (pre-payments) for corresponding date.
☆ Interest Saver Account: Input deposits and withdrawals in loan offset account that would be considered in loan calculations.
☆ Moratorium Period: Input moratorium period (EMI holiday) .
☆ Expenses: Input miscellaneous loan expenses datewise

☆ EMIs (Month-wise sorted in case of variations)
☆ Interest amount paid, total amount paid
☆ Total early repayments, expenses
☆ Effective loan tenure (as effect of rate variations, pre-payments, etc.) , Loan end date, total no of EMIs.
☆ Offset account overview and balance
☆ Total interest saved
☆ Total loan term reduced (as effect of rate variations, pre-payments, etc.)

☆ Interactive charts visualizations : Payment breakdown, total paid till year, yearly breakdown, EMI chart, Interest chart.
☆ In-depth schedules and amortizations : Monthly, Yearly schedules for all loan characteristics.
☆ Save loan Profiles: Save and Track your profile any time.
☆ Export detailed reports: Create pdf, excel with all loan results and schedules.


★ Auto-saves 10 recent inputs for all calculators
★ Optional Dark Theme support
★ All features 100% Free
★ App works completely offline, your data safe in your device
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