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Do you remember your dreams clearly? You can improve dream recall and make your dreams much longer and vivid by writing them down first thing in the morning. But if you are looking for something even more exciting - you can learn lucid dreaming 🌙.
Lucid dreaming is a skill to recognise when you are in a dream, allowing to make it your own open-world playground! Some people can do this naturally. It's just like the movie Inception!

Write down your dreams every morning and perform reality checks throughout the day and you will achieve lucid dream state which is unbelievably exciting experience. Lucid app is a great tool to have in your journey of a lucid dreaming.

Other benefits of keeping a dream journal include much stronger dream recall, increased vividness of the dreams, better sleep, mood and of course increased chance of having a lucid dream!

Lucid has many features including:
• Free cloud backup ☁️
• Reality check reminders ✔
• Statistics 📊
• Voice memo 🎙
• Tags 🏷
• Filtering, Search, Calendar view 🔎
• PIN lock 🔑

Lucid aims to be the last dream diary app you will ever need.

Don't forget to write down your dreams first thing in the morning! Before you get out of bed, because that is the time you have most vivid memory of the dream and it disappears very quickly.
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