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Universal taximeter for all.
We try to take into account all the possible tariffs, different calculation methods.
It is a tool for everyone. We are not trying to teach drivers how to work, we made a tool with which you can decide how to count the price of the trip in your taxi.

In the program when you first start sewn several tariffs for example, you can change them.
The tariff consists of a minimum cost, price range, travel time, waiting. The minimum cost can include time and distance, or one of them, which will end first.
The distance and time can be considered either together or "one of", with it you can set the "minimum" speed - is the rate below which it is considered that we are on the spot. Note that the minimum speed affects the joint count (when the speed is higher, the time does not count), so if you need to time and distance have always thought that place infinity.
The cost of kilometers and minutes can be set step by step, for example, from the start the kilometer costs $3, and after the 5th kilometer by $2.
At the end of the trip is given a detailed account of what is the price and can show the client what he pays as much.
You can configure additional services, which are paid by "piece" and on track to activate them. At the start as well as a tariff is a little list for example.
Main feature of our taximeter - you can change the tariff on the go, such as starting the path in the city include the city, and you went out of town, you can switch to the country. Just keep in mind that when you change the tariff, not all parameters are changed, for example the parameters of "minimal salary" remain from the starting rate.
If you are having difficulty with your fare task - write to us. If you have a rate that we have not taken into account - write, we'll do our taximeter more versatile.

Do not forget that you must have a device with GPS, otherwise it will be considered only time. If kilometers are not considered - first try to install special software for GPS testing that is complete here at the Market.

Taximeter adapted for tablets - easy to work on the go. Also taxi drivers with the weakest devices will also be able to work, because the application is not demanding to resources, there is nothing superfluous.
Design can be customized - there skins (color themes), and font size.

Available widget that appears on the special button when the taximeter is running and hanging on top of other windows. Location of the widget can be set - just drag it to the right place.

There are shifts. Shift starts automatically with the start of the trip, and ends on the button.

Miles: You can take the distance in miles (1609.344m)

If you see errors in the localization (some words are translated with Google translator) write us.
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