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The Mighty Mount collection keeps your phone within arm’s reach while keeping your hands on the wheel. These lightweight mounts are built to work in almost any vehicle on the market and keep your device secure while you drive. The Mighty Mount can be installed in seconds and come in a variety of options, including vent clips, windshield mounts, and suction mounts.  

Lightweight and durable, we’ve crafted the Mighty Mount to serve as your trusty sidekick on the go. These mounts grab onto your device and don’t let go until you want them to. This prevents any unexpected flyaway phones and keeps your eyes right where they should be: on the road. 

Our universal magnetic mount means getting ready to go is as easy as pressing your device against the Mighty Mount and letting the Neodymium Magnets do their job, while our range of clip-enabled mounts work with a wide variety of phones and are just as secure.

Mighty Mounts work for every car and every driver and are equipped with a wide range of tilt and rotation to allow you to position your device so it’s at the perfect height and angle when you're in the driver's seat. 

Perfect for Bluetooth calls, voice texts, and music, the Mighty Mouth gives drivers an affordable and simple option for staying connected while in transit. Mighty Mounts are versatile and accessible with an option for every device.

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